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Virtual Marketing to Reactivate Old Leads
Just like a sack of seed that goes unplanted, leads that sit in binders or on a computer but are uncontacted are unrealized potential.  At Greenhouse, we’re frequently astonished at the number of residences who have hundreds or thousands of leads in their prospect database but are ignoring these in favour of generating new traffic.

Get your money’s worth out of existing leads!  Using your own contact management system – be it manual or computerized – we can contact each lead by phone to ascertain the status and attempt to reactivate.  This program has shown great results for clients, sometimes resulting in several deals.  Our professional salespeople will call each lead and build rapport, then do some discocvery to get an update on his/her situation.  Your notes will be updated and we’ll schedule the next-point-of-contact for your on-site salesperson, finally allowing them to get on top of the leadbase and maintain it going forward.

If you have limited marketing hours, we can even become a “virtual” member of your marketing team, contacting your cold leads quarterly so you never lose sight of them.
You may have the seeds of dozens of deals within your database.  We can do the nuturing to see those untended leads grow into residents.

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