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On-site Sales Support
You may feel you’ve done everything – and have seen little to no result for your efforts.  The truth is, there is no magic answer to your unique occupancy challenges.  Perhaps it’s time to have us take a look from a different perspective.  You might find that what you need is a more focused, comprehensive and aggressive solution to your occupancy issues.

Let Greenhouse manage the entire sales force for your lease up or challenged property.   Greenhouse experts work onsite and manage a team of sales people that consists of your existing site sales team, supplemented by our highly effective, professionally trained sales people. 

If you’re an executive, you may often wish you could be at all your problem sites at once.  You know that if they got the attention they deserve, occupancy would follow.  With Greenhouse working at the site, you can feel confident that smart marketing and sales decisions are being made in a timely manner so that your problem site garners momentum and succeeds.

Advertising and community outreach is one of our specialties.   We take care of the advertising schedule, design, production and placement so you can concentrate on your other retirement residences.  Our ad campaigns not only increase traffic, but more importantly, increase qualified traffic.

Our sales management fees are reasonable and our sales people work on straight commission.  The beauty of the sales centre concept is that our sales people don’t get paid until you get paid.  In this incentive-based environment, our salespeople are driven to succeed.

We have a track record of proven results.  Just read our case studies.  In addition, our efforts on one site can benefit your entire portfolio through the sharing of ideas and initiatives.  Our most successful clients have replicated and used our initiatives at more than one site.  You can benefit from increased occupancy at one problem property while improving the marketing and sales of your whole organization.

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