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Marketing Plan Development
Knowing the status of your marketing and sales efforts is one thing, but developing the strategy to implement the changes required is another.  Let us help you develop a marketing direction that ensures success.  We work with you and your staff to develop the right direction for your residence and make it stand out among the competition.  Together we will develop a positioning statement that sums up the essential nature of the residence, then build unique selling points, key differentiators and key messages that will be carried throughout your marketing and sales programs.  We can also help with logo and visual identity standards to ensure you are consistently branding your residence.

“Leave no stone unturned” could be our motto at Greenhouse.  We design a thorough, cost-effective program that focuses on the value received (number of initial inquiries) derived from each marketing initiative.

Our marketing plan format includes:

  • Signage
  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Community Outreach Plans
  • Collateral Material Development
  • Website Design and Optimization
  • Social Media

We can provide project management, creative and placement services to ensure every step of the marketing plan is implemented effectively and tied into the positioning statement and key messages developed for your residence.

Marketing Manuals, Forms, Policies
This is the tedious but necessary part.  As staff change, good ideas and practices often fall by the wayside.  You need a readable, dynamic manual that becomes a key resource for your marketers and administrators.  We can build you a manual that includes not only policies and helpful forms but information and ideas as well.  This is a manual they’ll actually want to consult.

Sales Planning:
Good sales results don’t just happen.  They are a result of awareness and planning.  We can help you determine a direction for your sales by setting occupancy, initial inquiry, tour and closing ratio goals.

A focused, professional approach is lacking in many operators in the seniors’ housing industry.  We ensure you are not in that category – not only through sales staff recruitment, training and coaching but by offering ancillary services:

  • Contact management system development and upgrading
  • Management reporting
  • Referral programs
  • Model suites
  • Respite programs
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