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Feasibility Studies
If you’re thinking of expanding or getting into a new market, you’ll need a comprehensive feasibility study – not only for your own decision-making but for your financial partners.  Our study contains all the demographic information, absorption rates and financial analysis you’ll require but also provides a thorough review of the competitors and interviews with key referral sources and health care providers in order to uncover opportunities or threats and underserved niche markets.

Competitive Analysis
Need an in-depth understanding of the competitive environment in your community?  We can provide you with a report that includes not only the facts about your competitor’s product and services, but an analysis of strengths and weaknesses so you’ll understand how to sell against them.

Marketing and Sales Audits
One of the most worthwhile projects you can undertake is a review of your current marketing and sales programs and results.  Let us examine your marketing plan.  Is there clear product positioning and key messaging?  Do you have signage, advertising, internet presence, direct mail, collateral materials, media relations and community outreach programs in place?  What’s the quality of these programs?  Are there clear traffic and occupancy goals?  What are your closing ratios?  Do you have traffic and occupancy reports in place?  How’s your contact management system?  We look at each of these areas – and more – to provide you with a clear picture of what’s working right at your residence and, more importantly, where opportunities for improvement may exist.

Key Metrics
What are the key metrics you should be reviewing to ensure your marketing and sales efforts are on track?  How often should you review them?  What are the appropriate goals?  We can work with you to ensure your marketing and sales management reporting is providing you with all the relevant data you need to ensure your occupancy is increased or maintained.  Based on our extensive industry experience, we can develop goals and reports to measure initial inquiries, tours, closing ratios, follow-up activity, respite conversions and other key indicators.

Focus Groups
Want to get ahead of the curve?  Find out what your potential prospects, residents, families or employees are really thinking.  We can offer both formal and informal focus groups.  We work with an experienced, accredited focus group consultant to provide formal, structured groups that that can provide invaluable data when making strategic decisions.  Our informal groups result in great input as well, but also provide an unparalleled opportunity to make connections with prospective customers.

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