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Sales & Marketing Training
Give your employees the tools they need to contribute to your residence’s success.  Training provides an unparalleled opportunity to increase staff knowledge and morale, as well as to get buy-in from your most precious resource – your frontline staff.  At Greenhouse, we offer a number of standard training programs, customized to our industry.  In addition, we can develop a training program to meet your specific needs.  Choose from standard programs such as:

  • Frontline training
  • Marketer training
  • Department head training
  • Community Outreach training

Sales and Outreach Coaching
It’s important to train but it’s even more important to follow up with consistent coaching.  Implemented after initial training, our coaching is conducted by our own trainers who bring credibility and experience right to the residence.  They model the correct behaviour, provide prompts to the employee to increase successful behaviour and correct behaviours that have generally resulted in failure.  Getting the employee to adopt positive work habits results in better marketing programs and increased closing ratios.

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