Welcome to Our New Website


Break out the champagne! We finally did it. Greenhouse is proud to unveil our new website.

Remember the story of the shoemaker’s children going without shoes? That was us for a little while as we’ve been so busy with exciting client projects. We finally got back to our work bench, however, pulled out the tools, assembled the leather, grommets and shoelaces and fashioned those spiffy new shoes (AKA the new website).

We are pleased and proud to showcase our services on our new website, and we hope you’ve learned something about our offerings by perusing it. However, we don’t just want to welcome you to our “house” once; we hope you’ll be a regular guest. We will be posting blog content regularly and it will include:

  • Case studies
  • Tips and advice on a multitude of marketing, sales and recruitment related topics
  • Notice of upcoming speaking engagements we’ll be conducting
  • Announcements regarding industry events
  • Lots of additional topics that will be determined by reader interest and request

In addition, we will be posting new recruitment projects as they occur so check back regularly to our “Careers” page.

Thanks for visiting our new website – and we hope to see more of you. You’re always welcome to Greenhouse!


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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website
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