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Partnering with the Digital Superstars

Digital marketing offers you incredible potential to generate leads. But it’s a highly specialized field that leaves most laypeople scratching their heads. The complexity of digital marketing options means there are a lot of vendors who may seem knowledgeable on the surface but, in fact, can cost clients unnecessary money without delivering on qualified leads. It’s one of those cases where a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Digital marketing offers you incredible potential to generate leads. The complexity of digital marketing options means there are a lot of vendors who may seem knowledgeable on the surface but, in fact, can cost clients unnecessary money without delivering on qualified leads. 

Greenhouse’s preferred partner for website development and digital marketing is Digital Seniority

Digital Seniority

Not only do they invest your digital dollars with the same care they would take in investing their own, they deliver measurable results. While we can work with other vendors if required by the client, we consistently recommend Digital Seniority.

They are an apple in a bag of oranges.

The digital skills and expertise of the Digital Seniority team are so much greater than most agencies that it makes them almost a completely different type of entity. Digital Seniority has never done a digital audit for a senior living client without uncovering massive opportunities for improvement in web design, SEO, ROI on search engine marketing, and more.

They are equally adept at designing programs for existing residences or completely new enterprises.

Whether you are looking to open a new residence, or have been established for many years, the Digital Seniority team is able to provide you with a 360° perspective and the services to meet your goals. Digital has become Greenhouse clients' biggest lead generation tool, growing lead generation even in difficult times.

Digital Seniority websites contribute to your credibility.

They build competitive lead generation websites that have a significant impact on marketing performance while also supporting sales efforts. Because of the critical role websites play for retirement communities today, we have worked with Digital Seniority to set a strong focus on developing websites that connect with your target audiences. These websites are built to establish a strong marketing foundation and entice conversions with intelligent designs.

Digital Seniority knows that a website is only one piece of the puzzle.

It’s a big digital world out there — and Digital Seniority knows how to use every digital lead-generation tool, from search engine optimization to search engine marketing, from successful organic social media traffic to social media sales funnel development, from marketing automation to reputation management. In conjunction with Greenhouse, Digital Seniority can help you decide what your residence needs — and then deliver it all.

Qualified leads are the standard measure at Digital Seniority.

Digital Seniority has proven results that are measured in the form of qualified leads. Even when they take over from another marketing agency, they have a track record of making a significant impact in increasing leads while reducing the average cost-per-lead.

They measure real results.

Forget gobbledygook. Digital Seniority knows that marketing KPIs, like traffic stats, actually mean nothing without an increase in revenue. That's where their refreshing approach comes in, no more confusing reports. Digital Seniority is about transparency, client education, and measurable growth. There's no long-term contract, but experience has shown that clients seldom want to leave.

Digital Seniority's Proven Services for the Seniors' Housing Industry


Greenhouse has frequently engaged Digital Seniority to audit a client’s current digital program – and the results are always jaw-dropping. Missed opportunities, under-performance, wasted ad spend, broken links, old technology, inaccurate conversion data and more. Digital Seniority takes all this and delivers, in layman’s terms, what's working, what isn’t and where the opportunities for significantly enhanced performance lie.

Website Services

  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance

Digital Program Services

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Search Engine Optimization:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Google Ads Management:

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network

Facebook & Instagram Advertising:

  • Pixel Configuration & Algorithm Training
  • Full Traffic System Based on the Customer Journey
  • Reputation Management & Ad Engagement
  • Funnel Strategy & Techniques
  • Traffic System Analytics

Organic Social Media Management:

  • Social Platform Audit
  • Create/Setup and Optimize Social Profiles
  • Post Template Creation
  • Posting and Scheduling
  • Training & Coaching
  • Content Creation, Graphic Design & Editing

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs):

  • Marketing Automation Platform Audit
  • Website Integration & Implementation
  • Email Template Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Magnets

Video Editing & Graphic Design for Digital Advertising Assets:

  • Images and videos optimized for each placement on each ad platform.

We have worked with several complementing vendors over the years, but none parallels the professionalism, expertise, and joy of working with Greenhouse Marketing.

We fit together hand and glove and feel as though we're one team. There is a seamlessness in our working with clients, perfectly complementing each other's areas of expertise.

Some of the key hallmarks of working with Greenhouse is their devotion to transparency, authenticity, and a commitment to see their clients succeed.

Not only is it a privilege to work with such seasoned experts, but a true delight to elevate the marketing impact of our clients in the seniors' housing sector through Digital Marketing.

Anneline Breetzke

President & CEO

Digital Seniority