Mystery Shopping

Until you see your residence through your customers' eyes you don't really understand their perception of your business.

Get Unbiased Insight

Let Greenhouse trained mystery shoppers evaluate your customer experience so you can:

  • See where to focus your effort based on the mystery shop results
  • Monitor your sales training program to ensure sales procedures are being adopted
  • See how you compare to your competitors by using Greenhouse Benchmark Data
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping

What the Mystery Shop Program Offers

  • North American-wide comprehensive industry specific shops
  • Fully bilingual
  • Completely customizable "made to measure" program
  • Experienced shoppers who undergo a thorough orientation
  • Weekday, weekend and evening telephone inquiries – all audio taped so you can hear them yourself
  • A detailed tour shop that includes more than 80 questions to cover every conceivable area that might affect a prospect’s decision
  • A report on the site’s sales follow-up, documenting and commenting on the frequency and follow up action of the marketer
  • A numerical scale for ranking each area, along with comprehensive comments
  • Benchmarking against industry standards
  • Company-wide, divisional and site-specific reports
  • An action plan automatically formatted to red flag any area in which a site scored less than 50%
  • Web access to your results and audio

When it comes to mystery shops, Greenhouse is always my first call! The team is great to work with…they are open to customization and welcome the notion of collaborating a plan of action. With that, the team is prompt to respond and deliver. Mystery shops are a necessary auditing tool. Thank you, Greenhouse, for understanding our needs.

Sasha Zivkovic

Regional Community Relations Manager

V!VA Retirement Communities