Resident Decanting

Closing up shop. How Transitions by Greenhouse can help.

Transitions by Greenhouse

Transitions By Greenhouse

It’s not a happy time but sometimes it’s a necessary one.

Residences sometimes close due to age, redevelopment plans or unforeseen circumstances.

Transitions by Greenhouse, a division of Greenhouse Marketing, Sales & Recruitment, works with the residents being decanted to make the transition as smooth as possible.

This includes assigning an experienced case manager to each resident who will help with the choice of a new home and work with the movers.

Perception is reality. The approach you take to this challenging project will reflect directly on your organization’s values.  Do the very best job possible to assist your residents at this difficult time. 

You will be sending a strong message about your integrity and commitment to residents – and residents, families, employees, community partners and others will be diligently observing your efforts.

Transitions by Greenhouse

Chartwell’s partnership with Greenhouse has included a number of project areas from supporting transitions impacting residents, to service audits for our sales team and recruitment support for a number of key roles. Greenhouse is a trusted and collaborative partner who genuinely understands our sector and our organization.

Sharon Ranalli

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Chartwell Retirement Residences